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Founded as a web site design company in 1994 by Alan K'necht, K'nechtology has evolved along with the Internet. Today we're focused on helping companies develop effective Internet strategies that incorporate the issues of "Using the Internet for Profit", the optimization of web site content & design for search engine indexing (Search Engine Optimization), search engine marketing (including Pay Per Click Campaigns) and measuring the success of all web marketing through web analytics. This includes providing guidance and web consulting services on Internationally focused web sites and multilingual web sites.

K'nechtology - Search Engine Optimization, Marketing & Web Analytics Consultants cut through the hype. We make sure that your organization has an effective website that includes appropriate web content for your target market that at the same time is optimized for search engines ensuring your site is easily indexed and ranked as high as possible by the leading search engines. This ensures the greatest return on your company's investment (ROI) for your corporate web site.

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