About Our Team

Search Engine Optimization, SEM & Web Analytics Project Specialists

K'nechtology has brought together an impressive team of specialist which combined have decades of experience in all aspects of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) web analytics and web project management. We bring this experience to every project we undertake.

The Team

Marg A. - Project Manager
Marg brings over 20+ years of IT project management experience. Her unique style has been developed over years of working in a variety of industries and for over 10 years has been involved in web and Internet projects.

gOgO B. - PR & Web Curator
gOgO has been providing PR services for over 15 years for an array of organizaitons including nightclubs and virtual reality companies. In addition to PR, she helps manage the on-going needs or our clients and their web sites.

Scott C. - WebTrends, Web Analytics & SEM Specialist
Scott brings to the team years of web development experience plus his expertise as a highly skilled WebTrends administrator. In addition to these skills, Scott has applied his knowledge of web analytics to managing and optimizing paid search campaigns and for reviewing web site code from an SEO perspective.

Alan K'necht - Founder & President
Alan brings over 15 years of web experience and over 20 years of business experience to K'nechtology. It is his focus on client ROI that is the driving force behind K'nechtology. In addition to being the driving force, Alan runs a series of on-site and on-line training sessions world-wide in addition to his regular conference addresses. ( Read Alan's complete Bio )

Geri R. - SEO Content Writer
Geri brings over 20 years of writing experience to the team. For nearly 15 years she has specialized in web content writing including the subspecialty of SEO writing.

Lawrence R. - Project Manager (New Projects)
Lawrence has well over 20 years in the IT field. During this period he has worked closely with clients to help them define their needs and requirements. It is with this skill set that Lawrence helps our new clients define their requirements and project scope to ensure what was promised is delivered.