Search Engine Optimization, Internet & Web Design Testimonials

We are truly grateful for the positive feedback we receive every day from our customers:

Blogging Services & Blog SEO

"We used K'nechtology's blogging service to help us get started. They got us up and running very quickly and showed us how to drive traffic and monetize our blog. The results of their help and knowledge were evident within 24 hours of launching the blog"


Search Engine Optimization

"Puretracks engaged with K'nechtology for a SEO mini-analysis. We were impressed with the findings and recommendations in the analysis. These recommendations once implemented will more than pay off the small investment we took out. I strongly recommend their services. It was a pleasure dealing with K'nechtology and their founder Alan K'necht as he is very professional and knowledgeable about search engine optimization."

Andrea Ziegler

Search Engine Optimization

"TVOKids.com consulted with Alan at K'nechtology for a SEO mini-analysis. We were extremely satisfied with the results in the analysis and we strongly recommend his services. It was a pleasure dealing with him as he is very knowledgeable about the subject. The recommendations he brought in will more than pay off the small investment we took out. Thank you Alan!"

Caroline Soucy

Web Analytics & WebTrends Training

"Alan's and K'nechtology's exceptional service to the technical and business units at DFAIT ("Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade")has resulted in the ability to use WebTrends 8.0 as a major data source for measuring the success of our web presence. His unparalleled experience in Web Analytics made him the number 1 choice for technical training and implementation. Alan thinks outside the box and is committed to getting the best results possible. He is professional, intelligent and engaging."

Laura Wesley

Web Site Redesign & Search Engine Optimization

"I've just checked Google & MSN and confirmed you're absolutely right ("top 10 in Google and MSN"). I can also tell that the redesign of the site and the search engine optimization was excellent in terms of the increased exposure we've been detecting through phone calls and e-mails. I'm really proud of your work. Great job!"

Ed Stivelman

Web Site Management & Search Engine Optimization

"What unbelievable service. When we need you're there to help us with our web site and train us to do more for ourselves. The "Search Engine Optimization" service has worked great. We've gone from only having a handful of pages in the leading search engines to now having well over 25 pages. The best part is we're getting ranked in the top 10 for some of our key words and phrases and are working our way up the ladder on other terms thanks to your help."

G. Kohut

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