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Live on-line seminars are the next best thing to being there in person. Alan K'necht, founder and President of K'nechtology, is an expert and in demand as a speaker throughout North America on all issues related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Analytics. Alan helps companies to develop effective Internet strategies that incorporate the issues of "Using the Internet for Profit" focusing on the optimization of website content, design for search engine indexing, and web analytics. As more and more people depend on search engines to find and source products and/or services, companies must employ effective search engine strategies that include search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEM) in order to stay competitive. With Alan's help companies are able to achieve the greatest return on investment (ROI) for their corporate websites.

Now you can take advantage of Alan's expertise without having to travel by attending one of his live on-line seminars. Alan imparts the latest information on a variety of topics to small groups in order to maximize the potential for the greatest interaction. He understands his audience and doesn't use techno-babble when addressing those of you who may be neophytes to the world of Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics. In the event that you may not be familiar with the term “live on-line seminars”, they can most simply be explained as the natural evolution of web conferencing. However while the older style web conferences ("webinars") or webcasts disseminated information efficiently, the interactive component was missing. Attending one of K'nechtology's live on-line seminars will give you the opportunity to interact on a one-on-one basis with Alan and with the other participants in real time. You will have the chance to ask questions during the seminar and afterwards. And best of all you do not need any special equipment or have to download any special software programs. K'nechtology's very comprehensive, interactive live on-line seminars are available to you by simply by logging on via your computer.

By popular demand Alan is now offering four of his most well attended seminars to you live and on-line. These seminars are exteremly personal as the number of attendees is limited to 4 people per session. In addition, Alan will be pleased to custom design and create seminars to specifically answer your company's needs.

K'nechtology is still offering its on-site seminars & workshops. Alan or other member of the K'nechtology staff will come to your company and conduct ½ day or full day training sessions. The beauty of K'nechtology's live on-line seminars is how extremely cost effective they are. Even if you are in Toronto, by the time you factor in some travel time, allot time for traffic, attend the seminar, and then travel back, you will have been away from your work for at least half of your day. Now calculate what your time is worth on an hourly basis and add that to the cost of other seminars. When you attend Alan's live on-line seminars you log in at the time of your scheduled seminar from your computer and there is absolutely no waste of time. People from your satellite offices all over North America or anywhere in the world many participate. It is the epitome of efficiency and ease, not to mention cost effective.



This seminar is a must attend for anyone who has a corporate website or is planning to launch one. There is no technical expertise required. However, we strongly recommend that attendees have a very basic idea of web design/web design terminology. In this seminar you will gain an understanding of many things SEO related including:

  • What search engines value in a web page.
  • How web pages and websites are constructed in order for the maximum number of pages to be indexed by search engines.
  • The importance of researching and identifying key words and keyword phrases.
  • How optimized content produces the highest possible organic search engine rankings.


This seminar is an excellent tool for educating everyone on the web development team, the web marketing team, and the users of web analytical data. There are no perquisites and anyone may participate.

  • Overview to web analytics.
  • The importance of web analytics.
  • Understanding the different types of options.
  • Terminology.
  • The role of cookies in web analytics.


This is a very important seminar for marketing team members, web analytics administrators, and web developers. This seminar does not focus on any one product and it does not cover the technical implementation. We recommend that all attendees have a basic understanding of web analytics, and web analytics terminology. This seminar will cover the concepts and the following topics:

  • Search Engine Marketing.
  • Evaluating and refining keywords and keyword phrases for SEO.
  • Tracking on-line marketing efforts.
  • Identifying conversion points.
  • Attributing conversion points to specific marketing efforts.
  • Marketing (PPC) campaigns.
  • Banners.
  • E-mail marketing.
  • Tracking off-line marketing efforts.


This seminar is designed for web analytics administrators and users. We recommend that attendees have a basic understanding of web analytics and web analytics terminology. This seminar does not focus on any one product and it does not cover the technical implementation. This seminar will cover the concepts and the following topics:

  • Why use cookies?
  • Understanding the difference between visits and visitors to your website.
  • The difference between traditional log files and data collection servers.
  • The use of hit filters.
  • The use of visit filters.
  • What should be reported on?

The price of K'nechtology's 1 hour live on-line seminars is $149.00 per person. The price of our 2 hour live on-line seminars is $249.00 per person. For both 1 hour and 2 hour live on-line seminars we offer an early registration discount of $50.00 per person. If groups of 3 or more register, we will offer a group discount of $50.00 per person. However, early registration discounts will not apply. Payment may be made using Pay Pal or major credit card.

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Alan looks forward to meeting you on-line.