Search Engine Marketing ("SEM") Workshops & Seminars

SEM Training, Workshops & Seminars

Search Engine Marketing Seminar (1 and 2 hour)

Great for people unfamilar with the world of paid search marketing campaigns. Learn how leverage paid versus orgainic search and how to create an effective pay per click ("PPC") campaign. The search engine marketing (SEM) seminar is ideal for conferences, corporate events and general staff education. During the SEO seminar, learn the reasons why companies need to incorporate SEM "best practices" into their existing marketing plan.

Measuring Success of Search Engine Marketing Campaigns (1 and 2 hour)

In addition to learning how to track your PPC efforts and measure success, attendees will be shown how to optimize their search engine makreting efforts with the help of web analytics. Learn to identify with phrases to target and how to optimize bigging to maximize the ROI of the campaign itself. Find out why being number 2 or 3 is oftern better then being number 1.