Web Analytics Management

Web Analytics Management including WebTrends, Google Analytics & Omniture SiteCatalyst

K'nechtology has extensive experience with all leading web analtyic packages currently on the market plus we are a strategic partner with both WebTrends and AT Internt. Through these partnerships and our experenice we can offer remote management of most web analytics software. If you're using WebTrends Reporting Center version 6 or greater, AT Internet (formerly XiTi), Omniture Sitecatalyst or Google Analytics, we have an expert on staff to handle all your needs.

If you haven't thought about out sourcing your web analytics requirements, perhaps it's time. Does your company have the resources or the time to keep up to date on latest patches to WebTrends installation or the latest features offered by your web analytics software? What about advanced configuration for conversion tracking and monitoring the performance of web marketing programs?

WebTrends Remote Management Services1 Include:


  • Ensuring your installed version of WebTrends is always up to date with the latest releases and patches
  • For those using WebTrends on Demand, we ensure that your site is properly configured to take advantage of the latest tagging methodologies
  • Configuration of advance reporting features including:
    • Marketing Reports
    • On-site advertising
    • Scenario Analysis
    • Parameter analysis
    • Path Analysis
    • Profile creation
    • Filter management
    • Schedule reports
    • Custom Reports configuration and implementation
    • Log File Management
    • And any other feature of WebTrends that you do not want to manage yourselves.

If you're using Google analytics to monitor your web site performance, K'nechtology can help you with:

  • Defining and programming of web site goals
  • Scenario analysis
  • Filter Management
  • Advanced profile configuration

For AT Internet clients, we help monitor your web site performance, by helping you with:

  • Defining and programming of web site goals
  • Tagging of your site with the custom XiTi tags
  • Advance report configurations
  • Understanding your data and what to capture and report on

If you're using Omniture SiteCatalyst as your web analytics tool to measure your web site performance, K'nechtology can help you with:

  • Defining web site goals
  • Understanding how to interpret the reports
  • End User training

For many organizations both large and small, out sourcing management of web analytics solution simply makes good business sense. Prices for remote web analytics management vary depending on specific needs and which application is used. So contact us today for your personal quote for Web Analytics management

1 - Requires that remote access to the WebTrends analysis is configured and all licensing is current.