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Since our inception in 1994, K’nechtology has been on a journey alongside the ever-evolving Internet landscape. Today, our passion lies in empowering businesses with cutting-edge measurement tools, including the latest Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google 360. With our expert guidance, your company can unlock the full potential of digital analytics to optimize marketing strategies and achieve remarkable success.

Why Analytics Matter:

In today’s competitive digital realm, understanding the impact of your marketing campaigns is paramount. Our analytics solutions provide accurate and insightful data to illuminate the effectiveness of your efforts across organic search, social media, and online advertisements. We help you harness the power of analytics to fine-tune your marketing endeavors and stay ahead of the curve.

Meet Our Founder, Alan K’necht:

Photo of Alan K'necht presenting at SMX London on the subject of Analytics & Search Engine OptimizationAt K’nechtology, we owe our success to our founder, Alan K’necht. With his unwavering passion for analytics, he spearheads our mission to revolutionize digital marketing strategies. Alan is a leading expert in the field, and is always eager to share his profound knowledge and lend a helping hand to companies seeking to maximize their digital marketing potential.

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If you can’t measure it, why are you doing it? – @aknecht during a #SocialChat

Unleash Your Digital Potential:
Not ready to tackle GA4 on your own? The embrace a world of possibilities with our range of comprehensive services tailored to suit your specific needs. From Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audits to engaging training sessions and workshops. We equip your team with the expertise to make data-driven decisions that lead to unparalleled growth.

Why Choose K’nechtology:

  • Exceptional Expertise: With decades of experience in the analytics arena, we possess the know-how to steer your business towards excellence.
  • Google Analytics Pioneers: As one of the early adopters of Google Analytics (and now GA4), we are at the forefront of the latest innovations, providing you with a competitive edge.

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