Why UX is critical to digital marketing

Jared SpoolAlan K’necht in this column for Marktech, interviews a world leading expert and strategist on UX (User Experience) Jared Spool. The topic “digital marketing and UX”. Spool explains “why user experience can’t be divorced from product and service”.  He also shows how UX impacts the success or failure of digital campaigns.

Read more at: https://martech.org/why-ux-is-critical-to-digital-marketing/



Alan K’necht to Present at DigitalSummit Washington

Alan K’necht is presenting once again at a live conference on August 4, 2022 in Washington DC. This is his first IN-PERSON presention in over 2 years and he’ll be at Digital Summit Washington DC.

Details on the specific topic are still being worked out, but you can be assured they will involve analytics and making your data sing!

If you’d like to attend you can use the special discount code for the event SPEAKER75 (saves you $75)