301 vs. 404 vs. 410 which one to Choose?

In this LinkedIn article, Alan discusses the options and what can go wrong with your website's performance in organic Search Engine traffic (SEO issues) performance when your editorial team and/or your technical team don't make the correct decision about which server status code to use when large number of pages are removed from your site. Status Code Decisions?"301, 404 or 410 are not telephone area codes; they are web server status codes. To most people they have no idea what “the status codes” 301, 404 or 410 mean. Frankly to most business owners they may have never even heard of a server status code. Yet, to Search Engine Optimization specialists and server managers these codes are a critical function of successful websites......" Read More: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/301-vs-404-410-which-one-choose-alan-k-necht