About Alan K’necht

Alan K'necht Speaking at SMXAlan K’necht is a highly respected figure in the world of digital marketing, widely known for his strategic insights and authoritative presence in the field. He brings over two decades of experience in an industry that has seen rapid change and evolution. K’necht is not just an expert who observes these changes from a distance, but an active participant who plays a crucial role in shaping the industry. Beyond his  Google Analytics consulting duties at K’nechtology,  he is also a public speaker, award winning author and a corporate trainer on all aspects of Google Analytics.

In a nutshell, Alan K’necht is a true industry leader, a digital marketing savant who continually pushes boundaries to stay at the forefront of his field, inspiring others to do the same. He regularly shares his knowledge through his published writings for a variety of online publications. His writing reflects his deep-rooted understanding of digital marketing and the technology that drives it.

Beyond merely informing, K’necht’s writing also empowers readers to put their newly gained knowledge into practice. His pieces often include actionable tips, practical examples, and best practices, making them more than just informative – they’re educational resources that aid readers in their digital marketing journey.

Recent Columns/Articles by Alan

Data visualization: How to transform analytics data into actionable insights

Martech – January 23, 2024

Dashboards and data visualizations are great for quickly and easily keeping tabs on campaigns and tracking progress toward your goals. But you know where they really excel?

Keeping your stakeholders in the loop.

Data visualization tools that provide real-time updates with user-friendly interfaces, including drill-down options, give your stakeholders visibility they can use themselves.

The power of predictive analytics: Is the future now?

Martech – October 20, 2023

Data has become the lifeblood of businesses in today’s digital age. Traditionally, analyzing data meant looking back at historical trends to inform future decisions. However, marketing analytics has evolved. Now, businesses aim to predict future trends and opportunities rather than just looking at the past.

This article tackles the growing power of predictive analytics, especially in the context of Google Analytics 4 (GA4). We’ll explore how GA4 is changing the game — offering insights beyond historical data and giving businesses a competitive edge with predictive metrics.

5 GA4 issues and why they’re a good thing

Martech – July  11, 2023

Critics argue that Google Analytics 4 falls short in many areas. What if these perceived flaws actually contribute to its improvement?

Accuracy in digital analytics: What marketers need to know

Martech – March 17, 2023

Learn how to better understand analytics data by looking at nuances in data measurement and exploring how analytics tools work. How accurate is your data? You might be surprised to find out just how accurate it truly is.

Campaign tracking in GA4:  Ensuring your links are properly tagged

Martech – February 1, 2023

Alan K’necht  details how to make sure your campaign traffic is properly tracked and categorized in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with these helpful URL tagging tips for marketers.

How to make web accessibility a part of digital marketing efforts

Martech – October 24, 2022

Alan K’necht interviews four Accessibility experts, who share tips for digital marketing teams on how to make campaigns more accessible to people with disabilities.

Why UX is critical to digital marketing

Martech  October 24, 2022

UX design strategist Jared Spool sits down with Alan K’necht and explains that experience can’t be divorced from product and service.

The evolution of digital analytics and marketing

Martech March 15, 2022

The transformation of how marketers need to approach analytics is underway. It is time to stop thinking about user flow and instead think of a series of events (tasks) that we expect from engaged users.

Time to Wave Bye-Bye to Page Views

Digital Summit December 8, 2020 (no longer available one line)

It is time top rethink your current KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as a way to more accurately measure and report on web site/mobile app performance.
Summary available at: https://knechtology.com/time-to-wave-bye-bye-to-page-views/

How to Make Your Data Sing

Martech October 13, 2020

Stop reporting absolute numbers and put your data into context with ratios to engage your stakeholders with the smaller, but important, data points.

An Alternative to Cookies for User Tracking

Instead of having your analytics toolset read a cookie, pass a unique identifier associated with the user ID. Learn how to do it and keep it privacy compliant.
July 30, 2020

Analytics Audit 101: Identify issues and correct them to ensure the integrity of your data

Marketing and analytics professionals need to work together to not only increase the accuracy of our data, but to educate people about how to leverage it.

Align your marketing plan with your analytics measurement plan

Audit your analytics on a regular basis to ensure the data you are collecting is as accurate as possible and that all data that should be collected is reported.

Cross-domain analytics tracking: Why you may not need it

Implementing a cross-domain tracking solution isn’t the answer to poorly configured websites. Here’s why.

Measuring your social media efforts with unique acquisition channels

Segregating paid, organic and social activity in analytics clarifies the activity that drives which type of conversion.
Marketing Land – December 4, 2018

Bounce rate: Important metric or junk data?

For a lot of organizations, bounce rate is a meaningless part of reported KPIs. Contributor Alan K’necht explains how you can put bounce rate into context to give it greater meaning.
Marketing Land – December 5, 2017

How to find the right analytics for the right marketing job

Do you know which kind of analytics to use, and when? A break down of the three categories of analytics and explains how using them effectively can make your marketing campaign successful.
Marketing Land – August 18, 2016

The future of digital advertising: Ads that look back

Billboards that watch you back aren’t just the stuff of science fiction.
Marketing Land – Apr 13, 2016

Why You Need An Independent Analytics Audit

Is your digital analytics data being presented clearly and honestly? In this column Alan explains why you need an analytics audit — and why…
Marketing Land – Sep 17, 2015

The Benefits of Hiring A SEO Professional

Search engines are the life blood of most websites. Search is how most people will first discover your site, some of which will become your customers. Without this free traffic source companies….
LinkedIn – Nov 3, 2014

How Universal Analytics Is Different And What You Should Be Doing Now

If you’ve been using Google Analytics (GA) as your analytics solution over the past year or so, you’ve probably noticed that Google has…
Marketing Land – Jun 25, 2014

Learnings From SMX London: The Impact Of Social On Search

SEOs and Social Marketers speculate on the impact that Social Media marketing has on how well their websites perform in search results. There has…
Search Engine Land – Jun 6, 2014

You Don’t Have To Be Big To Do Social Right!

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to social marketing is that it’s only for big brands with big budgets. This fallacy has to come…
Marketing Land – Sep 6, 2013

Hashtag Bombs: How Not to Leverage Trending Hashtags

When it comes to social media marketing, many brands and organizations have staked claim to various hashtags. Yet by their nature, hashtags…
Marketing Land – May 16, 2013

The New SEO = Social Engagement Optimization

SEO is not dead. As with all living things, SEO is always evolving. While many in the search community are witnessing and acknowledging the…
Marketing Land – Mar 28, 2013

Up the Down Escalator of Social Marketing

Forget everything you ever learned about conversion funnels and traditional online marketing when thinking about social (media) marketing.
Search Engine Journal – Nov 11, 2012

The Social Media Conversion Funnel and ROI

Forget everything you ever learned about conversion funnels and traditional online marketing when thinking about social (media) marketing.
Search Engine Journal – Nov 11, 2012