Alan enjoys sharing his passion and knowledge. As a result of his applicability, he is frequently interviewed by leading publications (both online and offline) on a variety of subjects ranging from web analytics, social media marketing, measuring campaigns, the business side of Internet Marketing and much much more.

Below are a sample of some of the interviews he’s give over the years:

July 26, 20223
Alan K’necht: Spotlight on the expert – Martech Mazine

Our GA4 expert tells a couple of interesting, funny stories from his long career as a web analytics expert.

June 2023

Webcology hosts Jim Hedger & Kristine Schachinger on Webcology interview Alan about “G4-agedden”/Analyticgedon and the end of Google’s Universal Analytics commonly known as UA (GA3). During this 1 hour web radio in interview he discusses many of the overlooked pros of GA4.

Webcology – Analyticgedon: the Final Hours of UA3

Picture of YouTub page - Webcology June 29, 2023: Alan K'necht discusses the GA4 rollout and end of Universal Analytics with show hosts

October 2022
Alan K’necht is quoted in this Search Engine Journal article on Google Analytics 4 (GA4) written by Adam Proehl.
12 GA4 Expectations You Need To Have As It Replaces Universal Analytics

September 2022
Alan K’necht is on of 17 SEO Experts interviewed in this post
17+ SEO Experts share how to improve Bounce rate

17+ SEO Experts share how to improve Bounce rate





January 2021
Alan K’necht was interviewed by the popular video blogger Jon Bailey from Wellspring Digital. The focus of the interview was the state of web/digital analytics and measuring success of digital marketing including SEO, paid search and much much more.

Alan K’necht Talks About What He Does In Digital Marketing – The Digital Career Center 2015
October 2015

June 2015

CopyPress CEO Dave Snyder Interviews Alan K’necht: 2014

How To Measure Success On Social Media: At Pubcon 2013

5 Q&A’s with Alan K’necht – Business Social Media and Marketing Tips

Alan K’necht on the Evolution of Internet Marketing: At Pubcon 2011

How To Rock Search Engine Optimization: with SEO Expert Alan K’necht Oct 2010

An Interview with Alan K’necht – President of K’nechtology Inc. – July 2010

“I spoke on a panel with him on Actionable Analytics this past March. Not only is Alan a great speaker, but he is very knowledgeable in both analytics, SEO and online marketing in general. This………..”

How Do You Measure Success with SEO? – June 2009

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