Analytics Audit

More and more organizations are becoming data driven organizations. Key business decisions are being made less on gut feel and more on hard numbers. The key question is can you trust those numbers? Do you know how the numbers are collected, processed and finally presented to you in various reports?

A K’nechtololgy Inc. analytics reviews 95 unique analytics factors broken down into 8 different categories. Our audit ensures that the data you are collecting is as accurate as possible. Why do you need to audit your digital analytics tool (i.e. Google Analytics, Google 360, Adobe Analytics, etc.)?

Why Audit Your Analytics Solutions?

At the core of most analytics systems is a web analytics tool, something like Google Analytics or Site Catalyst. Are they properly configured? Are they providing you with all the information you require to make well educated and informed business decisions? The surprising answer is in most cases they’re not. CMOs, CFOs and CEOs don’t always know what kind of information their systems generate nor do many marketers know how to optimize the analytics system and combine data from other systems (big data) to deliver a cohesive picture of how all aspects of a digital marketing effort are performing. One can no longer simply count and report on page views, site visits and bounce rate.

During the audit process, K’nechtology interviews all stakeholders to determine what their goals are and how knowledgeable they are on what their analytics solution can provide them with both today and tomorrow. K’nechtology also reviews the configuration of your analytics solution either independently or in conjunction with a representative of your company.

Once all the facts and discoveries have been audited and reviewed, a detailed audit report is prepared to highlight the good, the bad and sometimes just what’s missing. These findings are presented to all stakeholders in a meeting.

Most analytics audits cost $1,950 plus appropriate taxes. In a few exceptions the audits may require a more extensive investigation and will cost more?

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