SEO Audits

The world of Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is constantly changing. What was once a must do to rank well in Google, today  might get your website into trouble. Does your web team know the current do’s and don’ts of web development and content writing? Do they understand how the effective use of social media can help boost organic search traffic? Is your server performing at the appropriate level to not penalize your site? Are you sure all the links pointing to your site are from quality sites? Could a competitor be engaged in negative SEO against your site?

Perhaps your site has taken a recent dip in organic search traffic or perhaps it’s been suffering from a slow decline in organic search traffic.

These are just some of the items that can be investigated during an SEO audit. Upon completion you are provided with a list of what’s good, what needs work and where any potential major issues could be lurking. Our audit document is presented in a final client meeting and provides a clear plan of action for your team to move forward on and begin to grow your organic traffic.

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