GA4 Discussion on Webcology

On June 29th Alan K’necht’s feet were put to the fire by Webcology hosts Jim Hedger and Kristine Schachinger for nearly 1 hour. The subject GA4 and “G4-agedden”/”Analyticgedon”. The pending doom many are feeling with end of Google Universal Analytics (GA3) on June 30 and forced migration to GA4.

K’necht’s position: “While I might sound like a “GA4 Enthusiast”, I’m actually a GA4 Realist-Optimist. For months, I’ve been pointing out many of the good things in GA4 plus why they did what they did in this upgrade and even some of its shortcomings”.

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17+ SEO Experts share how to improve Bounce rate

17 industry experts interviewed about bounce rate: its importance and how to improve it.

Alan K’necht was one of 17 industry experts interviewed about bounce rate. The opinions on its importance varied between  the experts and even what should be done about.

17+ SEO Experts share how to improve Bounce rateRead the whole article to see Alan’s thoughts on the subject:

Why UX is critical to digital marketing

Jared SpoolAlan K’necht in this column for Marktech, interviews a world leading expert and strategist on UX (User Experience) Jared Spool. The topic “digital marketing and UX”. Spool explains “why user experience can’t be divorced from product and service”.  He also shows how UX impacts the success or failure of digital campaigns.

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Google Analytics: Recap SEO For Bloggers

A Forensic Look at Google Analytics

On April 13, Alan K’necht participated in an online group discussion about leveraging Google Analytics for bloggers. We discussed the impact of the Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will have on measuring successful blog. Additionally, we took answer a number of questions from online attendees.

Here’s your chance, if you missed it or want to review all the material just follow the link and you’ll have access to the recording and a spreadsheet of our Q&A portion.

If you prefer to just watch the session (via YouTube) here it is:

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