GA4 Channels Ensure your links are properly tagged

There is a difference in utm tagging of marketing links (paid and organic) between GA4 and older Google Universal Analytics (UA) for different channels. In Alan’s latest column for martech entitled “Campaign tracking in GA4: How to ensure your links are properly tagged“, he covers many of these issues.

Digital marketers today, are experiencing confusion between the new GA4 channels and old marketing channels in Google Universal Analytics (UA). Of special concern is the new Unassigned catchall channel category.

Learn how to correctly set the utm_source and utm_medium parameters to ensure that all traffic generated from marketing efforts gets attributed to the correct marketing channel. Thereby ensuring no traffic gets attributed to the catchall of “Unassigned”.
Image of the channels report from GA4 with the Unassigned channel highlighted

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Digital Marketing & Accessiblity

How to make web accessibility a part of digital marketing efforts

in his latest column for Martech, interviews a leading experts on Accessibility with a focus on accessibility and digital marketing.

Through interviews with Meryl K. Evans, CPAC, Kim Krause Berg, CPACC and  Lea Scudamore, he explores what most organizations are doing wrong and things they can do address accessibility short comings in their digital marketing efforts. It is only by addressing and fixing these that company can increase the ROI on their digital marketing efforts.

Read the follow column: How to make web accessibility a part of digital marketing efforts

Alan K’necht to Present at DigitalSummit Washington

Alan K’necht is presenting once again at a live conference on August 4, 2022 in Washington DC. This is his first IN-PERSON presention in over 2 years and he’ll be at Digital Summit Washington DC.

Details on the specific topic are still being worked out, but you can be assured they will involve analytics and making your data sing!

If you’d like to attend you can use the special discount code for the event SPEAKER75 (saves you $75)

Make Your Data Talk and Sing for You

Attendess at Digital Summit - Session 2019 Audio recording and presentation slides from Alan K’necht’s standing room only conference address at digitalsummit Detroit – September 26, 2019.

During his session, Knecht discusses why it is important to use your analytics data as part of a story, instead of just presenting the mere facts (the “data”). This helps engage your audience and increase understanding and how long people will remember what you said.

For more ideas on how to turn your analytics data into a meaningful story (data visualization), list to the full conference address and enjoy the accompanying slide deck.

Make Your Data Talk and Sing for You - conference presentation

Latest Columns

It’s been awhile since Alan has published any columns. Well in the last two months he’s published two columns in Marketing Land. Let’s hope he keeps it up and starts writing more often.

Here are his two latest columns both on the subject of optimizing your digital analytics for more accurate reporting.

1. Dec. 4, 2018: “Back to basics: Measuring your social media efforts with unique acquisition channels”

2. Jan 30, 2019: “Cross-domain analytics tracking: “Why you may not need it

Using Social for Personal & Business Growth

Photo by "Brad Cohen" (bradcohenphotos @
Photo by bradcohenphotos @

Last night, Alan K’necht was the keynote speaker at a community networking event in Thornhill, Ontario. He addressed a combination of approximately 80, business owners, professionals, job seekers, manager, vendors and  all who want to learn more about social at the Aish Hatorah Thornhill Community Shul (ATCS) . His talk titled “Using Social for Personal & Business Growth”, was well received and was followed up with a speed networking event lead by Alan.

During this speed networking event, each participant faced  another (in 2 rows) and had 30 seconds to tell other person, what they had hoped to get out of the evening, what their favorite take away was and bit about themselves.Keynote Address by Alan K'necht After 30 seconds it was the next persons turn. After a minute, one side shifted to the left and process started again. After 20 minutes, everyone was invited to continue their conversations over refreshments and while exploring vendor booths at the event.

Based on feedback from attendees, Alan said “What a great diverse group of people. I received nothing but complements for delivering great information that they could start using immediately”.

fascinating talk about (proper) valuable networking and the power of social. take time to learn and listen @aknecht

His session was video taped by the event organizers and we hope to have a link to video as @aknecht Thanks for an inspirational talk yesterday at the ATCS Networking Night!soon as it is available.