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It’s been awhile since Alan has published any columns. Well in the last two months he’s published two columns in Marketing Land. Let’s hope he keeps it up and starts writing more often.

Here are his two latest columns both on the subject of optimizing your digital analytics for more accurate reporting.

1. Dec. 4, 2018: “Back to basics: Measuring your social media efforts with unique acquisition channels”

2. Jan 30, 2019: “Cross-domain analytics tracking: “Why you may not need it

Using Social for Personal & Business Growth

Photo by "Brad Cohen" (bradcohenphotos @
Photo by bradcohenphotos @

Last night, Alan K’necht was the keynote speaker at a community networking event in Thornhill, Ontario. He addressed a combination of approximately 80, business owners, professionals, job seekers, manager, vendors and  all who want to learn more about social at the Aish Hatorah Thornhill Community Shul (ATCS) . His talk titled “Using Social for Personal & Business Growth”, was well received and was followed up with a speed networking event lead by Alan.

During this speed networking event, each participant faced  another (in 2 rows) and had 30 seconds to tell other person, what they had hoped to get out of the evening, what their favorite take away was and bit about themselves.Keynote Address by Alan K'necht After 30 seconds it was the next persons turn. After a minute, one side shifted to the left and process started again. After 20 minutes, everyone was invited to continue their conversations over refreshments and while exploring vendor booths at the event.

Based on feedback from attendees, Alan said “What a great diverse group of people. I received nothing but complements for delivering great information that they could start using immediately”.

fascinating talk about (proper) valuable networking and the power of social. take time to learn and listen @aknecht

His session was video taped by the event organizers and we hope to have a link to video as @aknecht Thanks for an inspirational talk yesterday at the ATCS Networking Night!soon as it is available.

Beacons and Beyond

Beacons and Beyond SMX New York. Speaker Alan K'nechtAlan’s SMX conference address (September 27, 2016)  where he presented a case study on Beacons implementation and was well received. With the room near capacity of conference attendees who came to learn about what Beacons were all about or how their businesses can take advantage of them didn’t leave disappTweets of Beacons sessionointed.

The Q&A portion of the session at the end allowed Alan and the other speakers to truly demonstrate their combined breadth of knowledge on this subject matter and left the attendees wonder what information they unwittingly were sharing as they walk around the conference or the streets on New York city that day..


K’necht to Address SMX East

On September 27, 2016, Alan K’necht will addressing the attendees at SMX East ( on the subject of “Beacons & Beyond: Offline Conversions And Online Retargeting” along with fellow presenters Manny Rivas VP, Client Services, AimClear and Ray Rotolo
SVP, Out-of-Home, Gimbal.

K’necht address will focus on the lessons learned through a project he was involved in developing the measurements and analytic solution for Digital Out of Home (DOH) installations and beacons deployed at Toronto’s Billy Birshop Airport.

Below is the session description from the SMX East website:

“Mobile devices now make it possible to track online-to-offline store visits and conversions. Marketers can also retarget store visitors online, using beacons and other methods. As these new tactics become increasingly common, “proxy metrics,” such as impressions, clicks and views, will be replaced over time. Imagine being able to optimize campaigns against store visits instead of CTR; it’s starting to happen. This session explores current offline attribution methods and online retargeting, as mobile collapses the distinction between the digital and real worlds.”

301 vs. 404 vs. 410 which one to Choose?

In this LinkedIn article, Alan discusses the options and what can go wrong with your website’s performance in organic Search Engine traffic (SEO issues) performance when your editorial team and/or your technical team don’t make the correct decision about which server status code to use when large number of pages are removed from your site.

Status Code Decisions?“301, 404 or 410 are not telephone area codes; they are web server status codes. To most people they have no idea what “the status codes” 301, 404 or 410 mean. Frankly to most business owners they may have never even heard of a server status code. Yet, to Search Engine Optimization specialists and server managers these codes are a critical function of successful websites……”

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The future of digital advertising: Ads that look back

In this column published by Marketing Land, Alan examines the latest trend in Digital Out of Home Advertising of using a camera and facial recognition software, to determine engagement levels by demographics by digital display ads. He highlights on specific project that he worked on with a client plus other instances used by retailers and possibilities when it comes using digital beacons and cellphones.

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Ads Looking back located at Billy Bishop Airport