Data Visualization (Report Creation)

Discover the power of data visualization via custom dashboards and reports.

At K’nechtology, we understand the challenges of sifting through intricate web analytics platforms (Google Analytics 4, Adobe, etc.) in search of that one crucial piece of data. Oftentimes, this data might be hidden within a sea of irrelevant information, making it tedious to identify and extract.

You or your team might have designed a custom report within your analytics software to streamline the process. Yet, this still necessitates logging into the platform, accessing the tailored report, and then searching for and possibly transferring the data to presentations or other reports.

This is where the power of Data Visualization truly shines. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Google’s Looker Studio (or other software upon request), we craft intuitive custom dashboards and reports. These encompass impactful visuals, spotlighted KPIs, and well-structured data tables. The hallmark of our dashboards is their focus: they present only the data that holds significance to you, in a format that’s both comprehensible and sharable.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. Below, explore some examples of our data visualization prowess:

A Website Overview Dashboard

A screenshot of GA4's Overview report


Screen shot of page 1 of the Ecommerce dashboard created with Looker Studio

Have project in mind? Contact us to discuss your needs. You might be surprised at how affordable our reports are. Coupled with the time you’ll save, your investment will be a wise one. Reach out to us today for a quote!

What to see and try out one of our dashboards? We’ve created two that you can start using immediately at no cost. All you need to access them is a valid Google Account.
Ecommerce Dashboard

and our

Blogger Dashboard