Free GA4 Blogger Dashboard

K’nechtology has created this GA4 dashboard for use by any blogger or website that is content only website. Using Google’s Looker Studio and our data visualization methodology we highlight the most frequently requested reporting items and graphs from our many content site and blogger clients.

To use it, you just need a Google Account and access to your Google Analytics 4 property

Screenshot of GA4 Blogger Dashboard page 1, created using Looker StudioDashboard Option 1 – Free

The standard Blogger Dashboard is free for anyone to use.

The free version of the Blogger Dashboard, is ideal for any blogger or content site, that just requires an easy to use dashboard. While use is not limited to specific individuals, it does feature our logo. If you prefer not to have our branding, see option 2 below.

It features the follow:

In Overview Report

  • With 4KPIs highlighted (New Users, Sessions, Page Views & Conversions)
  • Top landing pages
  • Channels driving traffic
  • Terms users enter into the site search box
  • Activity by Country

Channels Report

  • A visual representation of which channels of traffic-driving channels
  • A map exploring which countries are sending new users
  • KPI by Channel report

Tryout the Blogger Dashboard now for free!.

Dashboard Option 2: Generic

  1. Generic Dashboard

Our free dashboard displays the K’nechtology logo. If you’d rather not have our logo on your reports, we offer a generic version with all the same features (minus the logo and purchase page) for only $10 US.

This report is limited to a single Google account of your choosing. You still can use it with all your GA4 properties

Buy it today

Unless noted in the order, access will be granted to the email address attached to the order.

Dashboard Option 3: Customize Dashboard

Would you like to see your corporate logo on the dashboard and have it match your corporate color scheme? If so, Option 3 is perfect for you. For only $35 US, you receive all the features of Option 2, plus we’ll incorporate your logo, adjust the color scheme, and grant access to an unlimited number of Google Accounts.

Order today, and we’ll send you an email requesting your logo and color scheme details. The typical turnaround time is 3 business days from the receipt of logo and color scheme.

Other Options

If you’d like to have this dashboard customized to your specific reporting needs, we’re more than happy to provide this services on quote basis. Contact us for a quote.