Highlights from Digital Summit Detroit 2023

Beyond speaking at Digital Summit Detroit, what I enjoy most about attending conferences is the networking and camaraderie outside the session rooms. This is an invaluable opportunity for me to connect with attendees and understand the challenges they face when presenting data. Highlights for me at this conference was reuniting with an old friend and potentially making some new ones. Photo of Alan K'necht and Dr. Marcus CollinsBefore his keynote address, I encountered Dr. Marcus Collins in the speaker's breakout room. I unintentionally overheard a part of his phone conversation, and he later apologized for speaking loudly. We then delved into a discussion on some marketing I'd over heard in his conversation. At the time, I wasn't aware of who he was, assuming he was just another speaker at the conference. However, our discussion was genuinely thought-provoking. It was only when he took the stage that I was in awe of the depth of his expertise. Unlike many keynote speakers who often focus on bite-sized information suitable for tweets, Dr. Collins provided a wealth of wisdom and insights. I was fortunate enough to secure a copy of his book, "For the Culture," which I'm eager to dive into. Photo of Alan K'necht and Grant Simmons Another memorable moment was catching up with my friend, Grant Simmons. Beyond discussing personal updates, I had the pleasure of attending his packed presentation titled, "The Batman Guide to Internal Linking: Expert Tips for Content Authority, Visibility, and SEO Success." Grant's distinctive humor, paired with his knack for imparting knowledge and profiling the use of inLinks, captivated the audience. This was evident from the engaged Q&A session that followed. For the first time, I met Nicole Ramirez. Although I only managed to catch the initial moments of her presentation on "Harness the Power of UX to Elevate Your Marketing and Drive Results," to a standing room only audience, it was evident she offered solid advice. However, it was somewhat disheartening to note that some of her tips on UX, like ensuring fast page loading times, clean HTML coding, and optimized imagery, were the same suggestions I'd heard from speakers two decades ago. It's a sad reminder that despite the strides digital marketing has made over the past 20 years, certain undesirable practices persist. A takeaway for everyone attending any conference: While sessions are fantastic for acquiring knowledge, don't underestimate the value of networking and exchanging ideas in the corridors, during meals, or designated networking periods. Reconnect with old acquaintances and make an effort to forge new relationships.</p?