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Log Scrubber - Access Log Optimizer

Version 2.1 - Released November 21, 2007
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About the Log Scrubber

The log scrubber removes unwanted entries from your Apache and IIS web site access logs prior to processing by your web analytics tool (web log analyzer). By pre-processing access log files to remove unwanted entries after file rotation and before analysis, you optimize your access logs for faster processing and more accurate results.

Why Scrub (Pre-Process) your Access Logs

Part of web analytics best practices is to filter out inappropriate traffic to your web site from the web stats reports. Frequently this includes internal employee activity, traffic caused by load balancing, search engine bots & spiders, up-time utilities, etc.

While all web analytics tools provide hit based filtering, in many cases this is not good enough. Why? The time taken by your web analytics tool to process large access logs and to review each hit to determine if it should be counted or not, can extend processing time anywhere from a few seconds to 5, 10 or more minutes (depending on the complexity of the analysis and the number of filters). Now multiply this extra time by the number of different ways you analyze each access log files. For example if the filtering is adding a mere 5 minutes to analysis time, but you process the same log for 10 different profiles (views of the data) you've added 50 minutes to the total time it takes retrieve your valuable web site stats.

By pre-processing your access logs prior to log analysis and removing unwanted entries (a process that typically takes 1 to 2 minutes for an average log file), you can significantly reduce the total amount of time it takes to generate all your web stats reports.

Add to the mix the new licensing model from several leading web analytics vendors who charge based on per page analyzed model and the preprocessing of log files can actually save you money.

Log Scrubber Features & Settings

  • Predefine log scrubbing criteria based on all log file fields
  • Use the Windows Scheduler to automate the execution of the log scrubbing
  • Save the original access log file (in compressed format) plus generate an optimized access log for processing
  • Option to save the scrubbed log entries ("Dirt") from the log file
  • Delete original log file after scrubbing

Log Scrubber Product Specifications

  • Operating System - Windows XP, Windows 2000 server or higher
  • Log File Types - IIS, Apache
  • Process raw log files or log files saved in zip and gz formats

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