Two Digital Summit Conferences

Alan K'necht deliver a conference addressAugust was a busy month for Alan K’necht. He spoke at two different Digital Summit conferences less than a week a part. First one in Washington DC. on August 4 and then in New York City on August 10. His topic for both events was  “Making Your Data Talk/Sing For You: Use the Power of Storytelling to Influence Action“.

During his session Alan covered (from a cognitive science perspective) why the use of visuals is more memorable than simply presenting data. Additionally,  he demonstrated how to create create effective data visualization combined with story telling techniques to create a memorable presentation and influence your audience.

In NYC, Alan did something a little differently.

Alan K'necht tells stories at Digital Summit New YorkHe started off by sitting on the stage, telling everyone a story about a major anniversary that happed over the weekend.

“The anniversary had to do with “Tim Berners-Lee“.

He asked the everyone, if they knew who “Tim Berners-Lee” was. Only 1 person put up their hand. Alan was taken aback with this low number.

He then continued, “it was on August 7, that Sir Tim Berners-Lee announced he was working as special project via an Executive Summary, The project was called the WorldWideWeb.” He concluded with “it is because of that project that we were all here today” and then started his presentation.

The attendees loved the presentation, and afterwards he received lots of positive feedback from the attendees.

Alan is looking forward to speaking again at Digital Summit in Detroit Oct 25-26, 2022.