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Google Analytics Training – Onsite and Affordable

At K’nechtology we offer a 2 day intensive onsite Google Analytics training course . During these 2 days, a combination of Business User and Administrator approaches and requirements are covered. We believe that it is critical that the Business Users understand where their data is coming from and the effort involved in configuring Google Analytics (the role of the Administrator). It’s also equally important that your Google Analytics Administrator(s) understand the how and why Business Users utilize the data and Google Analytics reports in support of business objectives. This is why we recommend that the whole team gets trained at the same time.Training Course

We understand that sending an entire team to a training course can become cost prohibitive. The cost of onsite training is generally the equivalent of sending 2 or 3 people to an external training course (onsite training limited to groups of a maximum of 10 people). We’re also more than happy to make minor customization to our course material to accommodate the specific Google Analytics training needs of your business.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is and how does digital analytics work
  • How to derive Key Performance Indicators (KPI) from a measurement plan
  • The correct way to setup Google Analytics
  • The importance of views and filters
  • Navigating Google Analytics
  • Understanding which reports are applicable for reporting on your KPI
  • An in-depth presentation of the proper use of Audience, Acquisition and Behavior reports.
  • How to use advanced segments and filters to enhance reporting
  • Campaign tracking using a URL Builder
  • Establishing and configuring goals and events to measure business objectives
  • Overview of Google’s Tag Manager and Data Studio

Our courses are hands-on with a combination of presentations and individual exercises.

The price for a 2 day onsite course is $2,495 plus travel costs and taxes (where applicable).

Interested give us a call at +1 416.855.6351 (M-F 9am – 5pm Eastern) or complete the following form.