Web Analytics Seminars & Workshops

The staff at K’nechtology has helped organizations understand and optimize their web site traffic since the late 1990’s.  Through these series of either on-site training sessions or web based seminars, K’nechtology helps you and your team understand not only the terminology used in the web/digital analytics industry, but how to correctly interpret this valuable source of information. With this knowledge firmly in place, you will be able to immediately apply to your digital efforts and start optimizing your website, social media efforts and digital marketing campaigns.

We’re happy to offer the following training options:

Web Analytics Seminar (1 And 2 Hour)

Why web and digital analytics? Who should be using web analytics? What should you be looking at in your web analytic reports? These are the main themes to this seminar. The web analytics seminar is a must for educating everyone on the web development, web marketing team and users of web analytic data. Learn the meaning behind the numbers and what is and isn’t important to look at. This seminar is appropriate for conferences and corporate events.

Google Analytics Business-User Workshops (2 day workshop)

This hands-on web analytics workshop is designed to be taught at your facility and is for people who need to analyze web site performance based on the data generated from their web sites. Learn to go beyond page and visitor counts and start measuring conversion and the ROI of different marketing campaigns. The workshop is product neutral and the themes and lessons can be immediately applied using your favourite web analytics tool.

We can customize/tailor this training for a variety of web analytic products.

Contact us, for more information on organizing a workshop, seminar or for a quote.